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I am an Electronic Engineer, and for an infinitessimally short segment of time, I looked like this:

My history

I was born in Basingstoke, Hampshire, and then lived nearby in Brimpton Common (near Reading). (Excepting time at University of course). I attended Aldermaston C.E. Primary school, and then Kennet Secondary School and Sixth Form in Thatcham. I got a few A-Levels, which enabled me to go to Bangor to study for an Meng in Computer Systems Engineering. I graduated there during the Summer 1996 with a 1st Class Honours degree, and took a Graduate Engineering post with Thomson-Marconi Sonar Limited, where I stayed for just over 2 years.

Next I served time at TAG McLaren Audio (now defunct) where I worked on their Aphrodite and DVD32R products. My advice to you is do not ever work for an audiophile company, otherwise you will spend endless months searching for that last subjective audiophile tweak, not measurable or detectable by mere mortals, but capable of rendering a product unlistenable by those in the know. Try Peter Belts Homepage. You thought Witchcraft died out in the middle ages?.

Doug Self, well known name in audio circles has a few choice remarks on audiophiles too.

After two years working for a madman and kapton tape enthusiast I had the good fortune to be offered a position at New Transducers Ltd (NXT). I did nearly 12 years at NXT, working on things such as 3M's DST touch technology, and haptics. I was there when the company reidentified itself as HiWave. My final contributions were some of the content of the HiHS9002 IC, and most of the design of the DyadBA3 Bluetooth platform.

Not entirely out of the blue (I had been putting him off for 2 years), I decided to jump ship and move to SureFlap, purveyors of RFID enabled catflaps and other products. This is where I currently find myself, as Head of Embedded Systems. Here I had a lot of involvement in the firmware and electronics within the Microchip Pet Feeder

I lived in Great Stukeley for 10 years, serving on the Parish Council for the final four. Great Stukeley is where John Major lives.... It is a nice sleepy village, but a bit too big and impersonal for our tastes, so we've moved on to somewhere more rural. The downside is that my commute is now 28 miles each way.

My hobbies

You can see all of my hobbies by choosing from menu bar. In fact, this website is pretty much all about my hobbies!

My future

SureFlap have a pretty full product pipeline, in fact I joined to expedite some of the more complex products........

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