Mines of North Wales


This page was started in the mid '90's, and as such was quite groundbreaking insofar as it published actual information on mines and how to get into them.

Time has passed, and now there are multiple websites which offer far more information than I have time to publish, so now this part of my website is maintained for historical interest rather than as a reference

If you want up to date mine information, I refer you to Miles Mouldings excellent Mine Explorer website

Mines of North Wales

North Wales used to be a large slate mining area, with other types of metal mines dotted around in large quantities too. Now the mining industry has all but disappeared (well, there are a handful still in operation, but I could count them on one hand), there are vast disused mines and quarries left around the area, evidenced by the slate tips and adits, that offer many opportunities for the keen explorer.

Mining and Caving are very different, you can usually walk through mines with ease, and your progress tends to be held up by roof falls and bridge failures. On the other hand, caving involves lots of crawling through water, and squeezing, and you find your way ultimately blocked by silt or the passage just gets too small.

Note: Mines are DANGEROUS, and if you go in one and injure / kill yourself then don't come limping to / haunt me!

Also note: Mines are often in out-of-the-way places, and therefore your car is more prone to getting broken into. Read about my experiences of car theft whilst mine exploring here

Slate Mines :

Blaenau Ffestiniog area



Gwydyr Forest


Lead Mines :

In the Gwydyr Forest


Tunnels :

Some miscellaneous adventuring / info

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