A very inconvenient rebuild!

This is the rebuild caused by getting the remote oil filter pipes back to front....

Remove the flip front

The flip front

Much better access for 2 bolts & a connector

Remove the radiator etc.

And then whip the engine out

The engine

The offending main bearing shell and big end shell

The scored crank

The block cleaned & ready for rebuild

Freshly ground crank - 10thou undersize now

Main bearing shells (upper half) in place

Lubricated ready for the crankshaft

Crankshaft rested in place

Check bearing clearances with plastigauge - see the thin slither of stuff on the closest main bearing surface

Fit the main bearing cap (including cross bolts), then remove it and see how wide the plastigauge has been squidged too. That gives you the bearing clearance

Fit the main bearing caps & cross bolts

Rear of crankshaft

Rear crank oil seal in place

A piston rested in the bore (no. 8)

Big end bearing shell in place

Lubricate it

and place it on the crankshaft

And fit the big end cap (not shown). Another piston with the ring compressor in place

Big ends 8 & 7 fitted

The remainder of the pistons

And the big ends

Oil pickup


and camshaft retaining plate (p38 engines only)

timing chain

Distributor (and oil pump) drive gear and spacer

Timing cover back on

Splash guard

Crankshaft pulley

Spacer as this is a long-nose crankshaft with an old style timing cover

Oil pump gears

Oil pump cover (remote filter type)

Pipes to the remote filter & cooler and a CJC special remote oil pressure sensor. I wrote the direction of flow on the cover this time!!

Sump gasket on


Bottom end all finished

Headgasket (composite type)

Head in place (new stretch type bolts used)

Both heads on and the camshaft lubricated with 'cam lube'. I reckon chain oil is as good

Hydraulic tappets in

Pushrods on one side

Rocker shaft. This is when one should check hydraulic tappet preload

Valve gear all in

Valley gasket

Inlet manifold. It's looking more like an engine now!

Belts, pulleys, distributor, rocker covers & remote oil filter

Starter motor

Crankshaft adapter

Ring gear & flex plate

The waiting engine bay. Notice the PAS pump still connected up. No need to drain the PAS system doing it this way

Popping the engine back in

Magic - the engine & gearbox are perfectly aligned!. Stick in some bolts ASAP

Engine mounts

It's easier to fit the mounts after the engine is connected to the gearbox

Stick the ancillaries back on, and the radiator etc. Triple check the oil cooler plumbing this time.

All that remains is to remove the distributor, prime the oil pump, fill the radiator & give it a try!

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