'Gloworm Mk1' Mine exploring headtorch

Gloworm has been underground a few times now, but on 10th March 2013, I had an opportunity to take some pictures with my camera and a tripod. I used the area at the end of the 9 adit in Rhosydd, aiming at the old incline.

For the test, I set the camera (old Fuji S5500 4Mpixel) to 1/4 second exposure, 300EV (F2.8) and ISO 100.

Then I took a series of pictures, starting with a standard Oldham head torch, then a Wiseled Tactical (which wasn't at full brightness, maybe 500lm?), then the Gloworm at 400lm, 1600lm and 11000lm.

To find out how much detail is actually in the pictures, I then processed some of them in GIMP by adjusting the contrast and brightness. This gives a better representation of what you actually see underground as you can see exactly where the light does reach.


The Oldham: (notice the dim yellow spot)

The Wiseled Tactical:

The Gloworm at 400lm:

The Gloworm at 1600lm (4x400lm):

The Gloworm at 11000lm:

And after a spot of post-processing

The Oldham: (still pretty dim)

The Wiseled Tactical: (useful)

The Gloworm at 11000lm: (basically the entire chamber is illuminated which is how it appears when you're there)

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