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Petrol Tax

Vehicle fuel is overtaxed. If all fuel tax went into maintaining and improving the road network, then all would be well. But I fail to see why I should support Single Mothers, spongers and the rest through the pump.

Town planning

Town planners should be shot if they are caught taking backhanders to allow poorly thought out developments slip through the planning net. In particular, I live about a mile from my place of work. To get there by car is quite direct. Unfortunately it is on the other side of a very large and busy dual-carriageway roundabout. Fine in a car. There are no footways into the estate from the town side, and no cycleways. How am I supposed to be green and commute by person power?. I'm not going to dice with death and cycle along that particular bit of road. So I go in the car, and fire lots of pollution out of my cold engine and add to the congestion. Well done planners.

The News

Is it not annoying that news rapidly becomes wild speculation by 'experts'. The news should be just that. Facts. Not some wizened old tosser sounding off about what he thinks. Even worse is the news being so keen to be first with the story, they try to predict the story - elections are a case in point. Why can't they wait until the results and then report that.

People breaking into my car

My car has been broken into twice now, both times whilst exploring mines.

The first time was whilst at Geevor Tin Mine in Cornwall, which is a tourist mine. Whilst inside the attraction, the local scumbags decided to screwdriver the passenger doorlock on my car, and take four bags off the back seat and spirit them away. Some bags were recovered by the police, but the culprits were never caught as far as I know.

The second time was on Christmas Eve in the Cwmorthin carpark. This is a remote carpark above Tan-y-Grisiau, near Blaenau Ffestiniog. This time, the locals (in pissing rain) smashed the rear passenger side window, and removed a camera. They were obviously locals, as they didn't understand that the purse they left on the seat might contain money!. What a pleasant Christmas present and memories of Blaenau Ffestiniog I now have.

Moral of the story:

In both cases, I've had so much stuff in my car, I couldn't get it all in the boot, so had to leave some on the back seat. And that's what got taken. Therefore, I really suggest taking less stuff, and shoehorning it all in the boot, to leave nothing on the back seat.

Amusingly, both times, I got a victim support leaflet from the local constabulary!. I think they'd be better spending their money apprehending the culprits, mostly because if I ever catch anyone, (which is quite likely), I will set fire to their pubic hair with a blowtorch.

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