Mine Quiz

Here are some artefact photos. See if you can work out which mine they are all in.........

1 - Which mine is this outside of?. It reads Coalbrookedale Company Shropshire.

2 - This fossilised dinosaur is in the roof of which mine?

3 - These finished products have been abandoned where?

4 - Where will you find this charging rack??

5 - Fancy a poo?

6 - Where is this pump?

7 - Brick arching roofing over sandstone walls??

8 - An abandoned crane is over part of which mine?

9 - This is the Liverpool Echo from Monday March 7th, 1938. Where is it?

10 - An incomplete bridge?. Clue: this is not in the Blaenau Ffestiniog area....

11 - This four cylinder sidevalve engine is used as the counterbalance on a weighbridge outside which mine?

If you get really stuck, and must know the answers, e-mail me, and I might reply if I'm feeling in a good mood.

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