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Here are some pictures of my Land Rover taken at Tixover Quarry near Stamford. The local IAM held a four wheel drive day with the Four Wheel Drive Club. I went along and had a drive of my Landie. It seemed to hold its own very well against all the other machinery there. The only snag was too much powering through deep water caused the HT system to get wet and subsequently took a while to get it started again properly.

Front View

Three Quarters View

Rear View

Coming over the crest of a hill. A movie of it is here (533K).

Being coil sprung, getting cross axled is quite difficult

Engine waterlogged too!

Instrument clusters and trip computer from an SD1 Vanden Plas

Splendid 'automatic' pedal, a clutch and brake pedal welded together

A rather convenient flip-front, allows brill access to the engine

The hinges and wiring connection for the flip-front

The old V8, with a custom radiator with enlarged hose connections

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