The Smoothie Bike Project

My sister-in-law Elaine asked me to make a Smoothie Bike for the South of England Show

Joanne agreed on my behalf, so Elaine sent me some pictures of what a Smoothie Bike is. For the uninitiated, it's a bike with a blender. There are tons about, just google!

Having looked at the pictures and done some more research, I decided that I could do better than that myself!!.

This Youtube video is of the end result....

Youtube link

And here is a picture

Here follows some photos of the build process

Start with some bikes:

Do some cutting & shutting with bikes and some exhaust tubing:

Modify a mobility scooter transaxle by locking the diff, trimming the halfshafts and welding a sprocket to the shaft (to make a generator):

Fit a cooling fan motor from an LDV 200 series to the Kenwood Blender. This gives us a 12V Blender:

Mount up the generator:

Check it fits in the Range Rover....:

Start building up the seat:

In fact I changed the seat in the end to have two runners.

Make a tensioning device for the generator chain:

Check I can sit on it!:

Random brackets:

Build up a seat from chipboard, foam (kneeler) and vinyl seat covering:

Starting to get an idea of how it will look:

To enable smoothies to be made without moving the bike, the easiest answer seemed to me to modify the 3-speed back wheel to have 2 speeds and neutral. This turned out to be relatively straightforward, the first picture is a complete Sturmey Archer 3-speed gearset, the 2nd picture shows the parts you remove to convert 2nd gear to a neutral gear:

Now to start the gearsticks (one for the brake and one for the rear-wheel gears which have been modified to be 1,Neutral,3 instead of 1,2,3):

Mount up the blender now the chopping board has arrived:

Do the stand. This was problematic (and took a few attempts) because I wanted it to be rock-solid, but still fold away:

I decided that I wanted the rear wheel hub in a mountain bike rim, so I needed to mix/match two wheels:

The long chain from front to rear needs a tensioner on the slack side to stop it flapping around. I modified a Derailleur mechanism:

Then some guarding around the chain at the front was required:

Getting close to being finished now:

So lets take it all to bits and paint it!:

And put it back together again:

Some more YouTube

First Smoothie (or is that Lumpie!)

Riding around the garden

So now you know what's involved in building a Smoothie Bike!

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