Rude place names!

Rude UK place names

There are quite a few place names around the UK that are quite amusing in my opinion, assuming a suitably childish sense of humour.

(Courtesy of Deano)

Here they are:

97ParkerB has offered these too:

Nelson offered the following:

Maybe these Kentish folk have a hitherto undiscovered penchant for rude place names!

Peter Marshall suggested

And from Dom Gallagher:

James Foley contributed:

I must confess to being unable to locate the latter two on Multimap though........

Steve Carrotte suggested Fanny Hands Lane, Market Rasen, Lincs. Apparently one of the most stolen signs in Lincolnshire!

Callum Moore added Condom, Midi-Pyrenees, France - thanks

Peter Larbalestier managed to find 'Dancing Dicks' - I bet the owner of this establishmentis chortling to themselves.

Graham South spotted this symptom of excess curry intake in Falkland, Scotland:

Doug tells me 'There's a lane not far from where I live called "Danes Back Passage", although Google maps has it as "Danes Backside". The sign is nicked frequently and they haven't bothered to replace it for a while, but if it's there next time I'm passing I'll take a quick piccy for your collection.

Click here to see for yourself

Tim Rusby spotted these:

Ian Fletcher from The Self Build Motor Caravanners Club suggested this: Can I also offer one to the list is LUNT Road in Willenhall, Westmidlands. The signs have been changed by the council so many times due to little scrotes with a pot of black paint adding a top bit to the L you wouldn't believe... They now carry a small pot of white paint to paint out the black addition...its been going on for years now..

Steward Alcock was reminded of an aquaintance of his who went for a job interview in Upton on Severn. When he asked for the address he was told that he would not have to write it down because he would never forget it: Minge Lane

Andy Dunn found that by entering the postcode GL6 7QY into the Royal Mail postcode checker you get Cockshoot Cottage in Cockshoot!

Ex colleague Chris Ellis stumbled across

John spotted this place. Thinking of carpet munchers on heat.

Doug Abbott found this place. Fingering who?

My colleague Sarah observed that there is a place called Fanny Bay in Canada......

Jim R contributed this amusingly named place

Dave Beck popped out of the ether to offer:

which are both near Hailsham.

Dave also pointed out that not far from Succombs Hill (noted above), there is a small residential road called White Knobs Way, just off Godstone Road in Caterham.

Dave noted that at the bottom of Succombs Hill you can find the head office and warehouse of Ann Summers!!. Pretty appropriate I guess.

Helen Guttridge submitted this one:


Elly Goldstein & Glyn Roberts submitted CUMCUM HILL in Essendon and BULLOCKS LANE in Hertford:

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