Conglog Slate Mine

Conglog Slate Mine

Altitude 500m

Entrance grid ref

Adit : SH 667466

No. of levels : 2?

No. of inclines : 1 (surface)

Personal experience? : Yes

Local Area

Conglog is right on the track between Rhosydd and Cwmorthin

About Conglog

Conglog is a small working, easiest accessed by the adit which exits to day right underneath the trackway. The adit is waist deep in water, and heads North into the hillside. The man working consists of four chambers, worked on two floors. The upper floor is pretty much worked away in the Eastern two chambers, and the Western chamber only just breaks through into the upper level. There is an adit to day from one of the chambers from what would be a third level, right at the top of one of the chambers. In addition, the large chamber that the adit enters through the footwall has a hole in the roof, which is suspected to connect to the surface too, although it has not been located.

There are some remains underground, a couple of fallen over cranes, a loaded wagon, an empty wagon, and most of the rail is intact.

The surface workings are connected with the underground workings, but are in a different vein, and consist of four pits which can be seen from the botton of Cwm Orthin.

There is a shaft between two of the surface pits which is believed to connect to a trial working on this vein just off the entrance adit.

The mill buildings can be seen below the mine on the valley floor. They have been adapted to agricultural use now. The supports for the launder still exist.

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