Halkyn Tunnel

Halkyn Tunnel

Entrance grid ref : SJ230711

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Halkyn Tunnel

The Halkyn tunnel was started in 1818 by the Grosvenor family, 200 feet AMSL, and driven intermittently inland via several mines until it was almost 5 miles in length.

Today all that remains is a nice portal by the stream with a plaque above it with the dates and Engineers on it. You can go inside for about 50 yards through eel infested water, until your way gets stopped by a collapsed roof, and excess water pressure behind it forcing its way past the brick arch lining surrounding you and squirting back almost right across the tunnel in little jets under the pressure.

The level is also entirely coated on the inside with this very gungy 'snot' substance which all moves! It's like being inside a large nostril.

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