Llanrwst Mine

Llanrwst Mine

Grid refs :

Deep Adit : SH7795-5790

Endeans shaft : SH7795-5933

No. of levels : 6ish

Personal experience? : Yes

About Llanrwst

Llanrwst mine is another early working on the Principal lode. It is most easily entered via Parc mine.

What's there

To get into Llanrwst, follow the Parc 2 adit until you get to a dug out shored up crawl (courtesy of the infamous RF), after which you find yourself at the bottom of a shaft with a pumping rod going vertically upwards. This is the New Shaft. You can climb this rod and the adjacent ladder, to get up into the Llanrwst -14fathom level. From here the pumping machinery can be followed to Endeans shaft, up which the Llanrwst Deep Adit theoretically leads to the surface. There is also a multitude of little side passages and stopes, which all seem to exceed my 'dodgy-limit'.

Llanrwst mine is old, and hence it is small, wet, gungy and very broken down.

The interesting things to see are the pumping rods, and the winch at the top of the new shaft.

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