Grid refs : SH 787119

No. of levels : 8

Personal experience? : Yes

About Ratgoed

Ratgoed is a reasonably large open cast / underground working high on the hills behind the village of Corris. Not much is known about its history.

The Slate at Ratgoed is vertical, hence the characteristic feature of the mine, especially compared with Ffestiniog mines is the vertical chambering, with levels opening onto ledges in the chambers. Thus it is difficult to change level without SRT.

What's there

Several large spoil heaps are visible from the valley floor, at the top of the lowest ones is an adit. This adit seems to have been solely for drainage and waste removal.

Higher up it is possible to enter adits on a number of levels, all of which allow access to large vertical chambers.

This mine is worth a single visit, but it could be rigged to provide a really good SRT through trip starting from the top and descending through shafts and chambers to emerge at the bottom. Bolting would be required though.

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