Altitude 500m

Entrance grid ref

Adit : SH 747473 (Glyn Aber tunnel)

No. of levels : ?

No. of inclines : 1?

Personal experience? : Yes

Local area

Rhiwbach is one of a number of Slate mines at the end of the valley above Cwm Machno.

What's there

There are two ways into Rhiwbach, making it a nice little through trip. The easiest way is to enter via the Glyn Aber tunnel which is at the grid ref given above. You can walk along the old trackway for a while, encountering a little truck that you can still push along.

There are a number of interesting embryonic chambers along the sides, and you soon come to fairly substantial workings on both sides of the adit. The Adit becomes seemingly blocked, but can be passed by crawling, or via the chambers to the left.

It's then a simple walk up the incline to the top. At the top there are some more chambers, the one to the left opens to the surface, but is barred, and the ones to the right are impassable due to the lack of bridges. The way out is straight up from the incline and out through a small opening into the quarry.

So then

Rhiwbach is a nice little jaunt, a bit to see, and plenty of chambers. Nothing too exciting however, but worth a visit.

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