Cyffty Mine

Cyffty Mine

Grid refs :

Deep Adit : SH7697-5859

Mine : SH7723-5887

No. of levels : 4

Personal experience? : Yes

About Cyffty

Cyffty Mine was worked on the Principal lode, to the South West of Llanrwst and Parc mines. Parc now joins Cyffty, and a through trip is theoretically possible, although the touristisation of the shafts mean that exit would be impossible after making the 1.5 mile journey.

What's there

The visible remains on the surface have been archeologically reclaimed, and information panels erected. Two shafts are visible, the engine shaft has been capped, but the Western shaft has had a grille walkway placed across the top, so you can look down.

The Deep Adit is blocked, probably by the farmer who seems to have dumped all his rubbish in the entrance.

I haven't explored the workings past the first few feet that can be entered from Parc as the floor has vanished at this point.

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